Ambubashi Mela June 22 – June 25

The temple is one of 51 Shaktipeeths or seat of Shakti followers, each representing a body part of the Sati, Lord Shiva’s companion. The temple’s sanctum sanctorum houses the yoni — female genital — symbolised by a rock. Ambubashi Mela witnesses thousands of tantriks and sadhus in attendance from across the world, displaying their psychic powers making an extraordinary spectacle.

It is believed that the Goddess goes through her menstrual cycle every year in the month of June. All the temples in Assam including the Kamakhya Temple are closed during those days and no religious activities are performed. After three days, the Goddess is bathed and other rituals are performed. On the fourth day, the doors of the temple are reopened and prasad in the form of ‘Angodak’ and ‘Angabastra’ is distributed. ‘Angodak’ means the fluid part of the body which is basically water from the spring. While the ‘Angabastra’ also called as ‘Rakta Bastra’ which is cloth soaked in the menses of the Goddess.

The Ambubashi Mela is celebrated every year during the monsoon season, which happens to fall in around the middle of the month of June. Thus, every year during the time of Ambubashi a large number of devotees gather here to perform religious rituals. 


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