Bare Saharia Bhaona

The Bare Saharia Bhaona is a 200-year-old drama festival held every 5–6 years at Jamugurihat, a small town in Sonitpur District, Assam. The name ‘Bare Saharia Bhaona’ consists of ‘Bare’ (Assamese word) which means ‘too many’ and ‘Saharia’ which means ‘People’. Thus the Bare Saharia Bhaona consist a festival or a program of Bhaona, where too many people come or gather to enjoy the Bhaona show. The festival was first held in 1797-98. The Bhaona begins with Gayan Bora and sounds of Doba, Kanh, Bhortal and Khol. Bhaona is a traditional drama festival of Neo-Vaishnavite culture of Assam, which was founded by the great Assamese saint Mahapusura Srimanta Sankardeva. To spread Neo-Vaishnavism among the people of the state, the saint invented this unique form of drama, through which he tried to promote this religious belief among the people of the state.


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