Doul Utsav

The Doul Utsav also known as the ‘Deul’ in the local dialect is vibrantly celebrated by the people of Assam, especially in Barpeta. Doul Utsav also called ‘Holi’ or ‘Rang’is the festival of colour and happiness. The radiance of the Barpeta Satra, one of the most revered Vaishnavite centres of Assam truly represents a unique ambience during the Doul Utsav celebrated with zeal during the spring. Barpeta is known to celebrate the festival of colours in an entirely unique and grand style and thus many people from other parts of India, world and Assam itself travel to Barpeta to witness the Doul Utsav.

Doul festival is celebrated for three to five days. In the month of Chot, Doul is celebrated for three days, which is called ‘Burha Doul’ and the Doul that is observed for four to five days, in the month of Phalgun is called ‘Deka Deul’. According to the tradition the four days Doul is held in the month of ‘Phagun Purnima’ (Full moon) and three days Doul is held in the month of ‘Chot Purnima’ (Full moon) as per the Hindu lunar calendar.

Holi geets or songs are a unique literary and musical contribution of the cultural heritage of Barpeta Doul Utsav. Bamboo crashing is also one of the most interesting parts of the last day of Doul Utsav. The town is tinted in Pink hues of colour on the last day on the Doul Utsav which is a spectacular sight in itself. People from different parts of the country and foreign tourists visit Barpeta during this festival to witness the zeal and seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. 


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